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Bjartur Publishing was founded in 1989. The company’s original focus was on translations of world literature, but its publication of contemporary Icelandic works has been steadily increasing.

Veröld Publishing was founded in 2005, publishing Icelandic fiction and non-fiction, translated fiction, biographies, illustrated books and children´s books.

Hand-in-hand, Bjartur & Veröld is the second largest publishing house in Iceland, committed to publishing smart, interesting titles designed to enrich people’s lives.

Bjartur & Veröld 
Vidimelur 38 
IS-107 Reykjavik, Iceland 
Tél: (+ 354 ) 414 14 50


Bjartur & Veröld: Petur Mar Olafsson Publisher pmo (att)

Bjartur: Pall Valsson Publishing Director pall (att)

Veröld: Bjarni Thorsteinsson Publishing Director bjarni (att)

General requests: bjartur (att)

Distribution: Magga Run maggarun (att)